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What's in my Summer Holidays Makeup Bag?

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Hello everyone!
Probably when you're reading this I'm going to be on vacation! (I think I messed up my grammar here blah) So I planned a blog post for you to see and not miss me ^^
So in summer I'd rather wear as minimum makeup as possible, and I only wear makeup at night. I'm not the kind of girl who goes to the beach with a whole makeup project on her face...
Just some sun protection, bb cream, lipbalm, and I'm done!

So let's get to the point! In this post I'll talk to you about what's in my travel make up back for my summer holidays! Here's a picture of my makeup bag:

(sorry for the crapola pictures once again... I use my iPhone 3Gs)

It's a simple and clear makeup bag, with a black zipper that I got from JUMBO stores. It costed less than 2 euros!
I also made a Youtube video about my summer holidays makeup bag so you can watch it here of you like:

So let's get to the point and see what's in this baby :3

So here are my foundation essentials that I always wear when I do my makeup. I have my favourite BB sun cream, Lancome Soleil Bronzer that I've talk about it in previous posts. Then, my Oriflame Beauty Absolute concealer for eyes, that I don;t know if that's still in stock, but it's one of my favourite concealer products because it gives full coverage at the black circles under my eyes! Next it's my FIT me! Maybelline New York powder in the colour Sun Beige, that I love in summer, since I get tanned! Finally, this little baby egg is the one I use to apply my bb cream and concealer to my face! 

Here are my blush from Lancome! It's the Blush Subtil and I can't find the colour code I'm sorry... This brush is also from Lancome, and I stole it from my mom... I use it to apply the bronzer and blush to my face! Last, and little bit blurry in the picture, it's my Oriflame Very Me Peach me Perfect Powder. I got it like 2 years ago and it's still almost full, even though I use it almost every day to contour my face and colar bones area...


This pallete is one of my favourites! It's the NUDES eyeshadows by H&M. Those are all the colours that I mostly use, since I don't fancy bright coloured eyeshadows and I prefer mostly earth colours. Next is my Eye Brow Kit by H&M also, that I use to fix my eyebrows. I mostly use the light brown colour! 

LIPSTICKS ♥ Those three are my ultra favourites this summer! The first one is from Lancome and it's the ultra red lipstick... I can't find it online right now, but when I do I'll let you know. It's such good quality and I apply it before I go out, and when I'm back home, it's still in place! The second one is from Sephora and it's a lip crayon, in the shade Strawberry Delish. It's dark pink and it's perfect to wear during daytime! And finally, the last one is from Oriflame and it's the Shell Pink one! It's in a sparkly purple shade that I adore!

Here's my mascara and my lipbutters! This is the Ultraflex Mascara that I have mentioned in a previous post. This mascara gives you a false eyelashes effect, but it's not waterproof... And I've talked a lot about liposan lip butters... Those are my saviors and they make my lips so soft...

Finally, my nail polishes! The first two is from Beauty Line, they're ultra cheap and the shades are 693 and 517. I love pale nail polishes! Lastly, my top coat - nail hardener is from Evelyn and it's a medium quality top coat.

That's all beauties! I hope you like this post. Please tell me your makeup bag essentials for holidays in the comments! xx

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