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Back 2 School : Study Tips and Organization for Exams!

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Hello pretty faces! ♥

School is starting really soon... (I start my exam period on university around 1rst September) so I decided to make this post for everyone who is going to school, university, college, ect so we can all survive this torture of exams >_<"

Few months ago at my February exam period, I made a video at Youtube where I explain with details how to study effectively ^^

Here's the video:

Also my 10 TOP supplies you'll need for studying:

1) Adhesive page markers
2) Binders
3) Folders
4) Calculator
5) Highlighters
6) Stapler
7) Student Planner
8) Assignment Sheet
9) Laptop
10) Printer

That's it! What's your study essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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