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July Favourites 2015 ♥ (Beauty, Fashion, Food)

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Good morning everyone ♥

So, July is almost over (finally finally!!)... I hate heat, I deslike warm weather. I'm totally a winter person, who sats next to the fireplace with a cup of tea, and watches Christmas movies since late October *sobs*...
I'm also the person who will only go out of the house in summer just to go to the beach. For swimming :3
Well, winter is still few months away, so I have another month to survive!

Anyway, here's my July Favourites post! Let's see each item seperatelly:

1) Beauty Line Nail Polish (517)

At first, excuse my nails in this picture, I'm totally the worst at painting my nails :3
Well, this colour is just so awesome. It's kind of mint green... I believe it's just perfect for summer! Also, One of my swimsuits is the exact same colour, so deal! ;)
It was reeeeally cheap, it costed like 1,50 euros and I got it from the Dust and Cream store in Greece!
Find it online here

2) Stradivarius Round Sunglasses
I know that big sunglasses doesn't fit to everyone, but I really needed them in my life!
They have metallic details, and kind or brownish frame.
They came with this really adorable aesthetic pouch!
They were super cheap, only 9.95 euros, so don't expect that the lenses are that great! But they're pretty good for show off... ^^
You can find them in the Stradivarius official online store and guess what... They are in sale right now! (wooo!!) Find them here

3) Bioten Skin Moisture
I actually made a post about this product 2 days ago (I think)
This is one of the best face creams to use! It gives you 24h of hydration and it makes your skin so smooth and luminus...
Find it online here

4) Lorenz Naturals Mild Paprica Chips
Okey, okey, I'm the queen of unhealty food. But my favourites are potatoes and papers. And anything spicy. So those chips are my savor. My heaven. A dream come true.
They taste sooooo good! They're gluten free, with no artificial colourings and no perservatives. They are not healty though but it's good  to eat unhealthy food once in a while... right? :3
Find more about them here

Also, I uploaded a video on Youtube about my July Favourites! You can watch it here:
So, that's it! I hope you liked my post :)
And please tell me in the comments, what's your July Favourites?
See you soon! xxx

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11 σχόλια

  1. OMG that nail ppolish is soo pretty!! Ps: I am a winter person to! Summer isn´t my favourite season at all

  2. Love the color of your nail polish! :) How I wish to experience winter soon. ^^

  3. Hi I found your blog from the team at Facebook "Passion for fashion" !! I really like your blog and I am member. Could you check please my blog and be member??
    Thank you

    PS : That's my blog I hope you will like it http://teenclubforgirls.blogspot.gr/

    1. Aw σε ευχαριστώ! Έχεις πολύ ωραίο blog, Μου αρέσει το όλο galaxy theme ♥ Έγινα μέλος :)

  4. Cool sunnies! I just lost my sunglasses so I'm after a new pair. Love the polish shade too! :)

  5. Love the sunglasses! I'm hunting to find the right pair here in the U.K!


    1. I understand how you feel... I have like only 3 pairs of sunglasses (1 from rayban, 2 from stradivarius) I'm really picky xx

  6. I am obsessed with that nail polish color and those sun glasses! I can totally relate to having a pair of huge shades in my life! haha Great post! xoxo


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